Yellow Corn

Yellow Corn is one of the largest crop in Bangladesh after rice and wheat. The Bangladeshi yellow corn is known for its high nutritive values and therefore is the most widely used ingredient in food industries.

The prime use of Bangladeshi yellow corn is however for human consumption and animal feed. Being less in fat and high in proteins it is a good source of balanced nutritive food for animals, cattle and poultry. It is the primarily used as livestock feed, forage, silage etc.

These Yellow corn are used for various food industries and other industries .Majorly used for animal feed.These corns are widely demanded by our clients from across the world .

Yellow Corn ..........

Yellow corn

Product : Yellow Corn
Moisture : 13% Max
Protein : 9% Min
Admixture : 3% Max
Foreign Matter : 2% Max
Broken : 3% Max
Aflatoxin : 20ppb Max
Purity : 98% Min.
Crop : Current year.

Mechanically clean & sun dried
Free of weevils
Free of magnetic earth and metal particles
Free of salmonella, fumigated at the time of shipment in containers
Country of origin - Bangladesh